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yourDragonXi Ξ Special Design

"its design stands out"

Ξ designed to fit inside small pods
Ξ autonomous & unmanned design
Ξ balanced architecture
Ξ aerodynamic design
Ξ a lot of intelligence designed in
Ξ rapidly deployable
Ξ designed for easy handling

It has been designed to fit inside pods, in which it can be handled in automated storages, loaded to air vehicles and carried and dropped as smart bombs, if required. Design takes use of the space a pilot would have needed to embed hardware, engine, tank and accessories. Its design is not just an autonomous rotary wing aircraft capable of navigating, but this one avoids obstacles autonomously and quickly makes smart decisions. It has a balanced structure taking into account its mission profiles.

Its aerodynamic shape is designed for agile and aggressive manoeuvres at low altitudes and tight places. It is specially suitable to deploy and build wireless ad-hoc sensor networks. A fighter can spread this kind of smart dust too, but an UAV helicopter is capable of dropping sensors at lower altitudes and more accurately. After having dropped some sensors it can collect data they have sensored. This collected data gets analyzed and filtered at base where it downloads data. Information built from the sensored data may suggest that there is need for new sensors in different locations or a denser sensor network. As an UAV helicopter it is well suited for this kind of missions Ξ
Figure 1: yourDragonΞ designed to fit and to be rapidly deployable

It has been designed to fit. It can be handled easily and automatically as a standard pod because it fits inside it. The pod protects it so it takes tough handling during transportation. It is embeddable inside a smart pod, which can update its software and also provide electricity and protect against cold temperatures.

It is rapidly deployable with a fixed or rotary wing aircraft, from a carrier or other mobile sea platform, from van or truck. Its size mimics that of the MK-83. It fits inside special purpose pods. To fit inside pods and to shelter at autonomous bases foldable blades were designed. This feature is needed, when it hatches in the air Ξ
yourDragonXi Ξ Rapidly Deployable

"It strikes down like a beast."

Ξ packed inside pod ready to deploy
Ξ deployable from bases and vehicles
Ξ rapid deployment with a fighter
Ξ sent to remote & demanding theaters
Ξ dropped right above area
Ξ hatches in the air and starts engines
Ξ starts its mission immediately

Network-centric operations require rapid deployments. Inside a pod it can already start its system, communicate, receive digital maps, instructions and software updates. Mobile base such as a carrier can send it by a fighter, drop it like any bomb and let it hatch in the air and start the mission autonomously at a remote theater, where it provides valuable real-time information using its cameras and sensors and data it collects from the dropped sensors. It collaborates networked with other manned and unmanned devices and forces Ξ(m) Ξ(p) Ξ(b)
yourDragonΞ has been designed to be deployable by a fighter from mobile platforms such as a carrier. It has to take the vibration caused by launching the fighter from a carrier.

While a fighter carries it inside the pod it has to stand g-forces the pilot uses to reach target and, if necessary, fight with an enemy. When the fighter drops it inside the pod and when the pod reaches a desired altitude, its engine must start and all of its hardware must work when it hatches in the air.

Its hardware and engine must stand extreme altitudes, speed and temperatures inside pod during the flight. Sometime the fighter doesn't drop the pod in which case it has to take the trembling caused when fighter lands, specially to a carrier due to arrestor wires.

It has been designed to stand deployments at carriers. Because it is small it is deployable inside pods. It does not carry extra hardware, because its hardware is reconfigurable for multiple missions. It is embeddable inside bombs and thereby rapidly deployable & designed to fit! Ξ
yourDragonXi Ξ Autonomous

"It operates unmanned & autonomously."

Ξ designed to demanding environments
Ξ operates autonomously at remote theaters
Ξ shelters during hot time and bad weather
Ξ refuels and recharges at unmanned bases
Ξ monitors and collects sensor data
Ξ lets base handle data processing
Ξ designed for network-centric operations

Autonomous means that it does not need any pilot nor is it remotely controlled. It performs its functions autonomously using its software and hardware as well as its data. Being autonomous does not mean that it's not aware of the context. At the same time it is autonomously avoiding obstacles and navigating in tight places it communicates and networks.

Due to its capability of automatically refueling and sheltering at bases it can be left for longer periods for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance or similar tasks. One base serves many UAV helicopters and each UAV helicopter may use different bases Ξ(m) Ξ(p) Ξ(b)
yourDragonΞ is designed with capabilities for automatic & unmanned refueling it uses specially designed base, which can be deployed to theaters using manned or unmanned air vehicles.

The size of the base has been designed so that it shelters several UAV helicopters and so that base has enough fuel capacity.

Machine room processes data UAV helicopters collect from sensors or provide with their cameras and sensors. Filtered and processed data is uploaded to the network and used by UAV helicopters for their next missions. The role of the base as a shelter is essential in remote and demanding theaters and for longer time loitering around targets.

The base can be erased. UAV helicopters can be relocated. Delivering of more fuel is done when necessary. With one base serving several UAV helicopters 24/7 operation can be offered.

The base gets service regularly. Architecture is prepared to the situation, when sensors run out. It has modular tanks.

Special antenna has been designed so that it can network and communicate with UAV helicopters. Base is capable of providing hydrogen, if required Ξ

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