Design by Series: designed for multi-purpose missions at demanding theaters and to be manufactured in large volumes!

Series of networked devices:

ξ UAV helicopter (Xi)

γ Base station (Base4Xi)

ε Sensor for Xi and Base4Xi

α Mobile device 1

β Pocket rollable display

δ Resource device

λ Mobile device 1
Fig 1: Unmanned & autonomous helicopter Xi for business at demanding theaters - agility & power! Ξ

Networks for UAVs

Oil, gas, electricity, nuclear, LNG, H2, solar energy!

Energy security - at remote & demanding theaters!

Network-centric military operations for energy!




Fig 2: Patrol network for network-centric operations at remote - and demanding energy theaters!
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Patrol = (4P)
Military = (4M)

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Design by Applications: solutions for business, patrol and military - achieving outstanding benefits and competition edge with professional multi-purpose design!
Business Network Patrol Network Military Network
Fig 3: Network-centric Business Operations
~ rapid deployment with commercial vehicles
~ remote analysis and reporting
~ demanding offshore/onshore theaters
Fig 4: Network-centric Patrol Operations
~ rapid deployment with patrol vehicles
~ protecting and guarding
~ demanding theaters such as deserts
Fig 5: Network-centric Military Operations
~ rapid deployment with a fighter from a carrier
~ intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance (ISR)
~ hostile and remote theaters
Fig 6: UAVs with off-the self business components
~ powered and fueled by business solutions
~ open architectures
~ liquid hydrogen (LH2) and metal hybrids (MH2)
Fig 7: UAVs with some bus/mil components
~ powered and fueled by patrol solutions
~ mixed architecture
~ gas and petrol
Fig 8: UAVs with some bus/pat components
~ powered and fueled by military solutions
~ mostly closed architecture
~ military fuels
Fig 9: Base station for Business(B)
~ designing systems - not standalone devices
~ solving UAV refueling and sheltering
~ engineering autonomous functions
Fig 10: Base station for Patrol(P)
~ taking into account demanding theaters
~ solving desert challenges
~ powering with fuel at theaters
Fig 11: Base station for Military(M)
~ conforming to military requirements
~ deployable with military helicopter
~ supporting special forces
Fig 12: Wireless business sensor
~ demanding offshore/onshore theaters
~ packed with business sensors
~ communicates with business protocols
Fig 13: Wireless patrol sensor
~ demanding theaters such as deserts
~ packed with sensors for patrolling
~ patrol protocols
Fig 14: Wireless military sensor
~ hostile and remote theaters
~ loaded with sensors for a target
~ erasable & explosable, if required
Fig 15: Pod for business to deploy business UAV
~ special built pod for UAV
~ deployable with business vehicles
~ business smart
Fig 16: Pod for patrol to deploy patrol UAV
~ special built pod for patrol
~ deployable with patrol vehicles
~ patrol smart
Fig 17: Pod for military to deploy military UAV
~ handled as military bombs
~ stored as bombs
~ deployed by a fighter
Fig 18: Mobile Device 1 for specialists
~ oil & gas & energy applications
~ standard hardware components
~ partly open source software
Fig 19: Mobile Device 1 for patrolling
~ networked patrol operations
~ security
~ energy maps
Fig 20: Device 1 for warriors
~ Future Command Systems
~ special forces at networked theaters
~ prints battlefield maps
Fig 21: Resource Device for Business
~ magazines to power a business base
~ cartridges to power business devices
~ fuel cell and MH2 storage
Fig 22: Resource Device for Patrol
~ magazines to power a patrol base
~ cartridges to power patrol devices
~ remote & long-term operations
Fig 23: Resource Device for Military
~ magazines to power a military base
~ cartridges to power military devices
~ invisibility & lethality
Fig 24: Pocket Rollable Display for Business
~ business theater maps
~ connects to mobile business devices
~ for specialists
Fig 25: Rollable Display for Patrol
~ patrol theater maps
~ connects to mobile patrol devices
~ for patrolling forces
Fig 26: Pocket Rollable Display for Military
~ military theater maps
~ connects to mobile military devices
~ for warriors
Fig 27: Mobile Device 2 for specialists
~ oil, gas & energy applications in business nets
~ powered by hydrogen and fuel cells
~ business and open source software
Fig 28: Mobile Device 2 for patrolling
networked patrol operations
~ patrol applications
~ keyboard for patrolling
Fig 29: Mobile Device 2 for warriors
~ Future Command Systems
~ military hardware and software
~ keyboard for warriors
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