Xi - formulas for unmmanned & autonomous helicopter yourDragonΞ
Active Time of Mission Area of Main Blade Area of Main Rotor
Diameter Diameter of Main Rotor Diameter of Tail Rotor
Diameter of Main Rotor Head Diameter of Tail Rotor Head Dropping Altitude Range
Dropping Temperature Range End Time of Mission Extra Time of Mission
Filling Percentage of Main Rotor Fuel ISR Speed
Lenght Lenght of Main Blade Lenght of Tail Blade
Manoeuvring Maximum Distance ot Base4Xi Maximum Flight Route
Maximum Flight Time Maximum HP of Engine Maximum Speed
Maximum Start Altitude for Engine Minimum Altitude Minimum Distance
Minimum Speed Minimum Tank Payload
Quantity of Main Blades RPM of Engine RPM of Main Rotor
Shape of Route Start Time of Mission Tank
Velocity Vision Volume of Tank
Weight Width of Main Blade Width of Tail Blade

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