Formula: {Dropping_Altitude_Range_xi = (3000ft,10 000ft) = ca. (1.0,3.0)km}

~ the expected dropping altitude of Xi, when it is rapidly deployed and dropped inside Pod4Xi
~ Dropping_Temperature_Range_xi

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~ rapid deployment of Xi includes a fast fighter flight to target area AND dropping of Xi as near target as possible
~ Xi is deployed inside Pod4Xi which behaves like a free-fall bomb when fighter drops it
~ in the air the horizontal range of a free-fall bomb depends upon the altitude from which it was dropped
~ the higher the altitude, the longer the possible horizontal travel of the bomb which equals to longer time for Xi to fly to target after hatching
~ Drop Altitude ® Maximum Horizontal Range of free-falling Pod4Xi
~ 0-1000ft (0-305m) ® 100ft (30.3m) ~ 1000ft dropping altitude will bring Xi maximum 100 feets away from target
~ 1001-4000ft (306-1219m) ® 2500ft (762m) ~ altitudes, where Xi has enough time to hatch and to reach target rapidly
~ 4001-10 000ft (1220-3048m) ® 5500ft (1.04 miles/1.7km) ~ altitudes, where Pod4Xi does not travel too far away from target to hatch
~ 10 001-20 000ft (3049-6096m) ® 10 500ft (1.99 miles/3.2km)
~ 20 001-30 000ft (6097-9144m) ® 16 500ft (3.13 miles/5.03km)
~ 30 001-40 000ft (9145-12192m) ® 22 000ft (4.16 miles/6.7km)
~ 40 001-50 000ft (12193-15240m) ® 28 000ft (5.3 miles/8.5km)
~ 50 000+ft (15241+m) ® 33 500ft (6.3 miles/10.2km) ~ no maximum dropping altitude with pressurized Pod4Xi, which keeps the critical systems of Xi heated
~ however, the highter the altitude, the longer it takes Xi to get there, which means less rapid deployment of Xi

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