Formula: {Active_Time_Mission_Xi = 30 min}

~ active time reserved for Xi to complete its mission

~ active time means the time Xi uses to complete its mission

~ from the time Xi hatches to the time Xi arrives to the base station Base4Xi
~ from the time Xi leaves it's Base4Xi to the time Xi arrives back to Base4Xi
~ from the time Xi is deployed from a vehicle to the time Xi returns to that vehicle

~ flying, also without any special mission activities
~ hovering
~ take-off
~ landing

~ in rapid deployments with a fighter, the time it takes a fighter to fly to the target theater and the time Xi falls down inside Pod4Xi
~ at a base stations the time it takes Base4Xi to prepare Xi for the next mission
~ hiding time during a mission when Xi is not flying but hides due to a sand storm or other thread
~ time spent inside Pod4Xi, although Xi might get ready for a deployment and for a hatching

Xi's activities include:
~ dropping sensors
~ uploading sensored data from Sensor4Xis
~ downloading software and data to Sensor4Xis
~ doing intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance operations
~ navigating along the reprogrammed route
~ video recording
~ shooting photos

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