Capital Expenditure - confidential
Capital Item Initial cost Anticipated purchase date Method of payment Completion of loan or end of lease
Unmanned Helicopter (Xi)
Xi4M detailed design
Xi4M detailed hardware
Xi4M detailed software
Xi4M detailed network
Xi4M detailed power
Xi4M detailed communication
Xi4M detailed ice
Xi4P detailed design
Xi4P detailed hardware
Xi4P detailed software
Xi4P detailed network
Xi4P detailed power
Xi4P detailed communication
Xi4P detailed ice
Xi4B detailed design
Xi4B detailed hardware
Xi4B detailed software
Xi4B detailed network
Xi4B detailed power
Xi4B detailed communication
Xi4B detailed ice
Base (Base4Xi)
Base4Xi4M detailed design
Base4Xi4M detailed hardware
Base4Xi4M detailed software
Base4Xi4M detailed network
Base4Xi4M detailed power
Base4Xi4M detailed communication
Base4Xi4M detailed ice
Base4Xi4P detailed design
Base4Xi4P detailed hardware
Base4Xi4P detailed software
Base4Xi4P detailed network
Base4Xi4P detailed power
Base4Xi4P detailed communication
Base4Xi4P detailed ice
Base4Xi4B detailed design
Base4Xi4B detailed hardware
Base4Xi4B detailed software
Base4Xi4B detailed network
Base4Xi4B detailed power
Base4Xi4B detailed communication
Base4Xi4B detailed ice
Sensor (Sensor4Xi)
Sensor4Xi4M detailed design
Sensor4Xi4M detailed hardware
Sensor4Xi4M detailed software
Sensor4Xi4M detailed network
Sensor4Xi4M detailed power
Sensor4Xi4M detailed communication
Sensor4Xi4M detailed ice
Sensor4Xi4P detailed design
Sensor4Xi4P detailed hardware
Sensor4Xi4P detailed software
Sensor4Xi4P detailed network
Sensor4Xi4P detailed power
Sensor4Xi4P detailed communication
Sensor4Xi4P detailed ice
Sensor4Xi4B detailed design
Sensor4Xi4B detailed hardware
Sensor4Xi4B detailed software
Sensor4Xi4B detailed network
Sensor4Xi4B detailed power
Sensor4Xi4B detailed communication
Sensor4Xi4B detailed ice
Freedom Device 2 (FD2)
FD24M detailed design
FD24M detailed hardware
FD24M detailed software
FD24M detailed network
FD24M detailed power
FD24M detailed communication
FD24M detailed ice
FD24P detailed design
FD24P detailed hardware
FD24P detailed software
FD24P detailed network
FD24P detailed power
FD24P detailed communication
FD24P detailed ice
FD24B detailed design
FD24B detailed hardware
FD24B detailed software
FD24B detailed network
FD24B detailed power
FD24B detailed communication
FD24B detailed ice
Resource Device (RD)
RD4M detailed design
RD4M detailed hardware
RD4M detailed software
RD4M detailed network
RD4M detailed power
RD4M detailed communication
RD4M detailed ice
RD4P detailed design
RD4P detailed hardware
RD4P detailed software
RD4P detailed network
RD4P detailed power
RD4P detailed communication
RD4P detailed ice
RD4B detailed design
RD4B detailed hardware
RD4B detailed software
RD4B detailed network
RD4B detailed power
RD4B detailed communication
RD4B detailed ice
Pocket Rollable Display (PRD)
PRD4M detailed design
PRD4M detailed hardware
PRD4M detailed software
PRD4M detailed network
PRD4M detailed power
PRD4M detailed communication
PRD4M detailed ice
PRD4P detailed design
PRD4P detailed hardware
PRD4P detailed software
PRD4P detailed network
PRD4P detailed power
PRD4P detailed communication
PRD4P detailed ice
PRD4B detailed design
PRD4B detailed hardware
PRD4B detailed software
PRD4B detailed network
PRD4B detailed power
PRD4B detailed communication
PRD4B detailed ice
Freedom Device 1 (FD1)
FD14M detailed design
FD14M detailed hardware
FD14M detailed software
FD14M detailed network
FD14M detailed power
FD14M detailed communication
FD14M detailed ice
FD14P detailed design
FD14P detailed hardware
FD14P detailed software
FD14P detailed network
FD14P detailed power
FD14P detailed communication
FD14P detailed ice
FD14B detailed design
FD14B detailed hardware
FD14B detailed software
FD14B detailed network
FD14B detailed power
FD14B detailed communication
FD14B detailed ice

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