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Delta series Business Resource Device RD4B Power:

[001] Base for Business (Base4Xi)
~ hydrogen fuel magazines can be coupled parallel to provide more power
~ each hydrogen magazine contains hydrogen power even without hydrogen cartridges
~ Base4Xi can be built by coupling these hydrogen fuel magazines into one big h2 unit

[002] Hydrogen Fuel Magazine
~ one hydrogen magazine contains several hydrogen catridges
~ hydrogen tank is located in the center of the hydrogen magazine
~ a hydrogen magazine without any hydrogen cartridges can still provide hydrogen power to station and/or vehicle

[003] Freedom Device for Business (FD4B)
~ a hydrogen cartridge is plugged into hydrogen mobile device
~ each hydrogen cartridge contains one hydrogen tank and a stack of fuelling cells embedded

[004] Hydrogen Patrol Car & Smart Hydrogen Platform
~ a smart and mobile hydrogen vehicle & station combined
~ hydrogen patrol car is capable to operate even if all hydrogen catridges in all hydrogen magazines have been removed

[005]~ H2 Fuel Station
~ H2 cartridges and magazines can be used for service station automation.
~ Forecourt payment terminal and POS system can be powered by H2.

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