Sales Plan

The following is a list of products, licenses, services and design to sell
containing also information about markets, product benefits and prices for sales,
see also »SENSE by yourDragonXi:

Products, concepts and services
~ Networked mobile platforms »Zeta »Gamma »Epsilon
~ Unmanned helicopters, autonomous bases and wireless sensors for networks of »military »patrol »business
~ Mobile devices to be used with above networks and systems »alpha »beta »delta »lambda series
~ System modeling and engineering of »All Series Specifications »for Business »for Military »for Patrol

~ Unmanned helicopters for »Military »Patrol »Business
~ Autonomous base for »Military »Patrol »Business
~ Wireless sensor for »Military »Patrol »Business

Benefits to clients:
~ Unmanned helicopters for »Military »Patrol »Business
~ Autonomous base for »Military »Patrol »Business
~ Wireless sensor for »Military »Patrol »Business

Money and Prices (Other Devices are bundled with these):
~ Unmanned helicopters for »Military »Patrol »Business
~ Autonomous base for »FBase4M »Patrol »Business
~ Wireless sensor for »FSensor4M »Patrol »Business

Design with lisence to manufacture:
~ Unmanned helicopters, autonomous bases and wireless sensors for networks of »military »patrol »business
~ Mobile devices to be used with above networks and systems »alpha »beta »delta »lambda series
~ Unmanned helicopters »Xi
~ Autonomous base »Base4Xi
~ Wireless sensor »Sensor4Xi
~ Freedom Device 1 »FD1
~ Freedom Device 2 »FD2
~ Pocket Rollable Display »PRD
~ Resource Device »RD

~ Unmanned helicopters Xi
~ Autonomous base Base4Xi
~ Wireless sensor Sensor4Xi
~ Freedom Device 1 FD1
~ Freedom Device 2 FD2
~ Pocket Rollable Display PRD
~ Resource Device RD

~ Unmanned helicopters Xi
~ Autonomous base Base4Xi
~ Wireless sensor SensorXi
~ Freedom Device 1 FD1
~ Freedom Device 2 FD2
~ Pocket Rollable Display PRD
~ Resource Device RD

~ Unmanned helicopters Xi
~ Autonomous base Base4Xi
~ Wireless sensor Sensor4Xi
~ Freedom Device 1 FD1
~ Freedom Device 2 FD2
~ Pocket Rollable Display PRD
~ Resource Device RD

~ Unmanned helicopters Xi
~ Autonomous base Base4Xi
~ Wireless sensor Sensor4Xi
~ Freedom Device 1 FD1
~ Freedom Device 2 FD2
~ Pocket Rollable Display PRD
~ Resource Device RD

Leads & Links:
The following is a short list of useful links mostly to military sites but useful also in selling to patrol and security sector.
More links are in the chapter UAVs in different countries of this business plan and in our web pages.

United States Defense & UAV activities
~ Predator is one of more than 1,200 UAVs in the US military arsenal; three years ago, there were fewer than 100 in the field
~ 96 Uniform" - Army-speak for a UAV operator - 225 soldiers, reservists, and National Guardsmen train at Fort Huachuca, Arizona
~ Crashing a $550,000 Shadow isn't as catastrophic crashing a $4.5 million Predator or $55 million F-15
~ After being certified 96 Uniforms spend a few months at Fort Hood, Texas before shipped off to the Big Sandbox: Iraq
~ A hand-sized antenna dish on the side of the runway will guide the plane to the ground by transmitting coordinates a lot like GPS
~ Sitting in a Humvee UAV operator flies UAV by using a mouse to point and click pixelated dials and sliders modeled after the ones in a physical cockpit
~ Thanks to UAV imaging and data-transmitting, generals back at HQ now have access to a lot of the same intelligence as their people in the field
~ Drones have become popular because they bring new speed to the battlefield
~ Thanks to UAVs the whole thing, from legal decision to command to execution, may take only few minutes
~ Tacticians call the time line - target acquisition, deployment of force, order to attack, destruction of it - the "sensor-to-shooter cycle" or "kill chain"
~ It's a measure of any military's reflexes; in Gulf War I, the kill chain was often three days.
~ Air Force rules say that only rated pilots, guys trained to pilot a B-52 or an F-15, are allowed to operate Predators.It costs $685,000 to train a pilot
~ In 2002, the Army had 25 Ravens; in 2005 more than 800. The Marines have about a hundred similar Dragon Eyes in the field.
~ By 2010, the military will have nearly a thousand of the tiny, tactical drones.
~ Why the boomΞ Eyes in the sky keep soldiers from getting killed and company commanders can see around corners and over hills.
~ What next Ξ The Army's next-generation drone, the Extended Range/Multi-Purpose vehicle
~ The ERMP will be able to stay in the air 24 hours straight and communicate with its pilot via satellite
~ It'll have Viper Strike missiles, packing the sensor-to-shooter cycle into a single drone. /Attack of the Drones by Wired/


  • U.S. Department of Defense Official Website

  • The United States Army
    United States Air Force
  • America's Air Force
  • Barksdale - Louisiana; B-52...
  • Beale- California; U-2 Program,Global Hawk,The 99th Reconnaissance Squadron
    ~ U-2 operational sorties average 5 to 9 hours in duration, exceed 70,000 ft
    ~ and require the use of a full pressure suit/helmet ensemble
  • Cannon - New Mexico; F-16
  • Dyess - Texas
  • Eglin - Florida
  • Ellsworth - South Dakota; 28th Bomb Wing
  • The 388th Fighter Wing - Utah
  • Holloman - New Mexico
  • Langley - Virginia
  • Minot - North Dakota
  • Mountain Home - Idaho
  • Nellis - Nevada; Nellis AFB is the home of America's first operational UAV's

    Joint UAV Center of Excellence at Creech,Nevada and UAV projects in California and Nevada
    ~ The newly created Joint Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Center of Excellence will stand up in October at Creech Air Force Base, Nevada
    ~ The joint center is designed to improve interoperability and will examine the use of sensors
    ~ and intelligence collection assets to meet the operational requirements of U.S. forces in any combat environment.
    ~ It will be an operationally focused organization concentrating on UAV systems technology, joint concepts,
    ~ training, tactics, and procedural solutions to the warfighters’ needs.
    ~ The Air Force UAV Battlelab will complement the (joint center), working to provide a common structure
    ~ for UAV command and control systems, improve interoperability among the various systems
    ~ and develop the common operating systems, standards, requirements, concept of operations,
    ~ and training necessary to provide the joint warfighters the information they need,
    ~ An Army brigadier general will initially lead the center with an Air Force colonel as the deputy.
    ~ These positions will rotate among the four military services.
    ~ Once established, the center will have representatives from all four military services.
    ~ the 11th, 15th and 17th Reconnaissance Squadron operate from the base.
    ~ UAV's can be operated remotely and tested on the vast 3.1 million acre Nellis Range
    ~ They generally remain in military airspace when operated in the U.S.

    ~ The Wing also supports the Department of Defense (DOD) advance composite force training,
    ~ tactics development, and electronic combat testing as well as DOD and Department of Energy (DOE)
    ~ testing requirements and research and development
  • Air Force will retain its UAV Battlelab, which will continue to coordinate UAV activities at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels
    ~ The Air Force UAV Battlelab will complement the JUAV COE
  • UAV Battlelab stands up at Indian Springs
    ~ Indian Springs is now also the home of the Air Force’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Battlelab.
    ~ One of six original Air Force battlelabs established in 1997,
    ~ this battlelab falls directly under the Air Warfare Center and recently moved to Indian Springs from Eglin Air Force Base, Fla.
    ~ Battlelabs find problems, identify solutions and transition them to the warfighter,” said Col. Larry Felder,
    ~ who commands the unit and also assisted with developing the Air Force’s original battlelab concept
    ~ The battlelab’s mission is to work UAV problems and then go to industry, academia, and service and national labs system for solutions, the colonel said.
    ~ Once potential solutions are found, we conduct objective demonstrations to see
    ~ if the technology, concept, tactics or procedures will actually work and transition the solution to our warfighters,” Colonel Felder said.
    ~ He believes Indian Springs is an ideal location for the battlelab.
    ~ Indian Springs is a great place to take UAV Battlelab initiatives into the next decade,” Colonel Felder said.
    ~ We had numerous successes while the (battlelab) was at Eglin, but the sphere of strategic UAV activity is on the West Coast.
    ~ Besides the Predators at Indian Springs,
    ~ Global Hawks will soon be at Beale AFB, Calif.,
    ~ and the unmanned combat aerial vehicle is being developed at the Flight Test Center at Edwards AFB, Calif., the colonel said.
    ~ We also have a great relationship with the Navy
    ~ which is doing its own UAV development in the west at Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake (Calif.)
    ~ and Naval Air Station Fallon (Nev.),” he said.
    ~ In addition, there is intelligence gathering for UAVs at Beale
    ~ and our air reserve component is assisting with analysis in Reno, (Nevada)
    ~ Even though the battlelab core is on the West Coast, small UAV activities will still be staying at Eglin.
    ~ The battlelab will continue to improve the Air Force’s ability to execute the mission and support joint warfighting initiatives, said the colonel.
    ~ We’re currently going through a buildup process, Colonel Felder said.
    ~ We have moved the majority of the organization across country and are building a new team.
    ~ The key to our immediate future success will be our operating location at Eglin.
    ~ (Besides) managing our small UAV program, Eglin is the seed corn of knowledge and will be integral to training the new people out here.
    ~ Besides subject-matter experts at Eglin, the battlelab relies on liaisons outside the organization for assistance.
    ~ With the help of six liaisons from the Air Force Research Laboratory, Electronics Systems Center and reserve components,
    ~ our battlelab has the ability to reach back into the Air Force lab system,
    ~ reach forward into the acquisition system to move technologies from one system to another
    ~ and look at the mission from a total-force perspective,” Colonel Fedner said.
    ~ Initially aligned under the Air Warfare Center’s 53rd Wing,
    ~ control of the battlelab transferred to the Aerospace Command and Control and Intelligence,
    ~ Surveillance and Reconnaissance Center at Langley Air Force Base, Va., on March 1, 1999.
    ~ Control of the battlelab returned to the Air Warfare Center in April 2002 as the UAV mission evolved to include weapons delivery,
    ~ forward-air control and surface attack.
    ~ Since its inception, battlelab initiatives have decreased the time it takes for UAV products to reach decision makers.
    ~ Officials have also been able to improve UAV target precision coordinates from sensors
    ~ and enhance integration with other airborne intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance assets.
    ~ Battlelab officials have also enhanced the UAV’s ability to operate in civil airspace,
    ~ improved friendly force combat identification and illuminated enemy ground targets for attack.
    ~ Battlelab officials are also looking ahead.
    ~ We are looking at numerous items for the future, Colonel Felder said.
    ~ UAVs originally gave us intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, but that has changed with additional roles.
    ~ We are seeing UAVs used more in the shooter role, and aircraft, such as the unmanned combat aerial vehicle,
    ~ will give us the capability to carry multiple payloads, pull high G-forces,
    ~ penetrate airspace that hasn’t been penetrated before and hit high-risk targets without jeopardizing our pilots’ lives.”
    ~ Colonel Felder said his vision of the future is clear.
    ~ Our mission is really very simple -- help combatant commanders and warfighters win the global war on terrorism,” he said.
    ~ The (battlelab force) must exploit any and all the capabilities we can to help destroy the enemy of today
    ~ and preserve the peace of tomorrow.

    Nevada News, keyword for search: UAV
    ~ the Fallon UAV center (to be closed) succeeded in its prime mission of developing a "playbook"
    ~ and tactical manuals that will be utilized at the Indian Springs facility
    ~ When compared with the development of the airplane, the UAV today is where the airplane was in 1920,
    ~ just 17 years after the Wright Brothers made the world's first flight
    ~ The biggest challenge at this juncture facing the future of the UAV or unmanned drone aircraft relates to
    ~ joint services coordination as well as joint weapons and aerial control standards
    ~ UAVs, which were initially used for aerial military reconnaissance,
    ~ are now being fitted with weapons, and in coming years will be augmented into Navy carrier squadrons,
    ~ Air Force wings and Army and Marine Corps aviation units

    ~ The Indian Springs runways have been upgraded, new housing and hangars are being constructed
    ~ and 2,500 military and civilian personnel are now working at the facility in the remote Southern Nevada desert.
    ~ About 500 Air Force personnel are assigned to the Predator squadrons,
    ~ which operate 80 Predators that are 127 feet in length, have a wingspan of 48.7 feet,
    ~ can fly 24 hours at a time at altitudes as high as 10,000 feet and carry Hellfire missiles.
    ~ The Predators have been used extensively in the Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts and they, along with UAVs from the other services.
    ~ They will be tested extensively at the Indian Springs base

    Air and Space Dominance
    by Air Force Chief of Staff General John P. Jumper/Remarks to the Lexington Institute, Washington, Jan. 28, 2005
    ~ The JUCAS is a system that the U. S. Air Force, the U. S. Navy have sort of agreed on a general way
    ~ and a direction we have to take and I think that we're going to be able to start off in that direction here in the near future.
    ~ What we have to do I think is to take the wonderful work that's been done by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency)
    ~ and continue to advance that work as far as control laws, as far as architectures.
    ~ We need to solve some sticky problems like automatic air refueling.
    ~ We have to remember that the things that we value the most about UAVs are the things that UAVs can do that men can't do.
    ~ We don't want to stay airborne for 24 hours.
    ~ You talk to a U-2 pilot -- about 12-13 hours, they're finished with that pressure suit. They don't want it any more.
    ~ They've been wearing a diaper. That's ugly. You don't hug your wife when you get down off the steps of a U-2.
    ~ So you use these things for what they do best and that is persist and endure.
    ~ So we tackle the problem of automatic air refueling.
    ~ We do common things like landing gear, engines, avionics and the like,
    ~ and we create a system where perhaps the independent variable out there is the shape.
    ~ So that the Navy can have the shape they want to do the work they want done and the Air Force can create a shape,
    ~ but everything else is common, all the most expensive things.
    ~ Something like that is what we hope to be able to pursue in the UAV world in working with the Navy and DARPA
    ~ to continue the work that's been done by DARPA, which by the way is very very very good work. We just need to continue.
    ~ We must remember that we should not buy a UAV simply for the novelty of not having a man in it.
    ~ We should buy the UAV that advances the art of war and does things that are profoundly different than we can do today,
    ~ like -- and endurance is the one that we have proven most valuable in things like the Predator and Global Hawk.
    ~ I think the first Global Hawk mission was almost 30 hours and collected on about 600 targets.
    ~ Orders of magnitude above anything we've been able to do before.
  • Offutt - Nebraska
  • Seymour Johnson - North Carolina
    ~ The 4th Fighter Wing had its beginnings in the Royal Air Force of Great Britain.
    ~ When the Korean War ended, the 4th moved to Japan.
    ~ In April 1972, the wing deployed to Southeast Asia again.
    ~ During Operation Desert Storm, the 336th flew 1,088 combat missions.
    ~ The 335th flew more than 1,200 combat missions during the war.
    ~ Since the end of the Gulf War, the Fourth has maintained a near constant presence in Southwest Asia.
    ~ The Fourth has deployed 15 times to Dhahran Airbase and twice to Prince Sultan Airbase Saudi Arabia
    ~ conducted the first ever F-15E operations from Al Jaber Airbase, Kuwait
    ~ In 1996 and 1997, the 4 FW deployed as the 4 Air Expeditionary Wing (AEW), to Doha, Qatar, in AEF III and IV respectively
    ~ In 2000, Rocketeers joined other ONW forces in actively patrolling the Iraqi northern no-fly zone
  • Shaw AFB - South Carolina
    ~ Within a week of Iraq’s Aug. 2, 1990, invasion of Kuwait, the 363rd deployed the first F-16s to the Persian Gulf.
    ~ When Operation Desert Storm began, the 363rd delivered massive air strikes against the Iraqi military industrial complex
    ~ The 19th and 33rd Tactical Fighter Squadrons subsequently deployed to the Persian Gulf in support of Operation Southern Watch
    ~ Shaw AFB is home to the Air Force’s largest combat F-16 wing.
  • Whiteman - Missouri,maintains the Air Force's premier weapon system, the B-2 bomber
  • Vandenberg - California
  • Edwards Air Force Base - California
    ~ Edwards Air Force Base played host to an unmanned aerial vehicle symposium
    ~ About 500 people were bused up to Edwards from the exhibition in Anaheim, to see UAVs on display at Edwards
    ~ Vehicles on display included the Global Hawk, Predator, X-34, X-36, X-45A Joint Unmanned Combat Air Systems and X-47A.
    ~ Edwards is the only place in the world where you'll find so many different types of UAVs
    ~ The range also supports UAV programs by collecting data during missions, providing control room support,
    ~ data processing after missions are completed and implementing the approval process for the unmanned aircraft safety packages
    ~ Edwards' range continues to support UAVs, and the upcoming weapons release from the X-45A is their next unmanned aircraft challenge
  • Air Force Bases in United States - bases in alphaphetical order
  • Kadena - Japan

    The US Navy
  • The US Navy
    ~ Spread over a 1.126 million-acre complex, China Lake NAWS is home to the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division,
    ~ Naval Weapons Test Squadron and the Naval Air Weapons Station. China Lake NAWS employs more than 4,000 civilians
    ~ CHINA LAKE, Calif. (NNS) -- The Navy's Fire Scout Vertical Takeoff and Landing Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (VTUAV)
    ~ has done its envelope expansion flight test program at the NAVAIR Western Test Range Complex in California in 2002
    ~ Fire Scout air vehicle flew autonomously for 26 minutes traveling through 21 waypoints as planned.
    ~ The test flight used a production representative Fire Scout air vehicle owned by Northrop Grumman Corporation
  • USS John C.Stennis - San Diego
    ~ weapons storage is provided in 54 weapons magazines, accessed by 11 weapons elevators
  • USS Carl Vinson
  • USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76)
  • HSL149 - San Diego
    Computers and Telecommunication:
  • Naval Computer Telecommunication Station (NCTS) San Diego
    Education and Training:

  • U.S. Coast Guard
  • Homeland Security

    Newspapers as sales lead
  • Newspaper Web Sites - links collected & maintained by Small & Smart Inc
    Local newspapers may give valuable information and sales leads:
    ~ California has hot spots such as San Diego, Los Angeles,Silicon Valley and San Francisco
    ~ Virginia has the world's largest navy base
    ~ Nevada got the world's largest UAV center of excellence
    ~ Persian Gulf area has the wold's largest oil reserves and oil producers such as Saudi-Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Iran and Kuwait.
    ~ Scandinavia excells in wireless technology due to Nokia and Ericcsson.

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