Key people

Small & Smart is constantly looking for talents »Education SENSE by yourDragonXi

The following talent sources and partner list is not in any specific order:

ξ UCLA, Los Angeles
ξ UCLA Engineering
ξ University of California Irvine
ξ National Fuel Cell Research Center
ξ UCSD San Diego, California
ξ Scripps Institute
ξ Stanford, Silicon Valley, California, USA
ξ Berkeley, California, USA
ξ MIT, Boston, USA
ξ Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey,California, USA
ξ UCSC, Santa Cruz,California, USA
ξ University of Georgia
ξ Harvard
ξ Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden
ξ The University of Manchester, UK
ξ Thai Technics, Tailand
ξ University of Melbourne, Australia
ξ Linköpings Universitet, Sweden
ξ NAIST, Japan
ξ The University of Edinburgh, UK
ξ The University of Manchester/Robotics
ξ The University of Loughborough, UK
ξ The University of Cambridge Machine Intelligence Laboratory
ξ The University of Oxford/The Department of Engineering Science
ξ The University of Essex, UK
ξ The University of Middlesex, UK
ξ Active Structures Laboratry,Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium
ξ The University of Bielefeld, Germany
ξ Australian national University
ξ The University of Notre Dame
ξ The University of New Mexico
ξ The University of Sydney, The Australian Centre for Field Robotics
ξ Autonomous Undersea Systems Institute
ξ The University of Bilkent, Ankara, Turkey
ξ Stanford University/Research sponsored by the Office of Naval Research
ξ Marice Science Center - Northeastern University
ξ The University of Sharif, Iran
ξ The CAISR lab,Ohio
ξ The University of Minnesota - Center for Distributed Robotics, USA
ξ The CRI Centre , Portugal
ξ The University of Kentucky
ξ DARPA Centibots
ξ The Centre for Autonomous Systems (Cas), the Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan in Stockholm, Sweden
ξ The University of Berlin, Germany
ξ Carnegie Mellon University
ξ The University of Columbia
ξ The University of Stuttgart, Germany
ξ Delft Center for Systems and Control,Netherlands
ξ Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics, Germany
ξ The University of Baureuth,Köln, Germany
ξ Oak Ridge National Laboratory
ξ The Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) program
ξ Department of Aerospace Engineering
ξ Georgia Tech
ξ Autonomous Systems Lab, Zurich
ξ The University of Miami, Florida
ξ Fraunhover Institute, Germany
ξ DARPA Mobile Autonomous Robot Software (MARS) project
ξ Harvard Robotics Laboratory
ξ The University of Illinois
ξ The University of Helsinki - Automation Technology Laboratory, Finland
ξ Computational Vision and Robotics Laboratory , Greece
ξ Institute of Automation, Austria
ξ The School of Engineering Science at SFU , Canada
ξ The University of Monash, Australia
ξ The University of Maryland
ξ Sandia, autonomous swarms!
ξ The University of Indiana
ξ JSK, The University of Tokyo, Japan
ξ The University of Massachusetts Amherst
ξ The University of Lehigh - Micro Air Vehicle Project, USA
ξ The University of Lund, Sweden
ξ Institute Mihailo Pupin, Yugoslavia
ξ The University of Berlin, Germany
ξ NASA - Advanced Autonomy for Rovers, USA
ξ NASA JPL Robotics, California,Los Angeles, Pasadena, USA
ξ The University of Oxford, UK
ξ The University of Fordham
ξ SPAWAR, San Diego, USA
ξ The University of South Alabama
ξ State Research Center of Russia, Russia
ξ Moscow State Aviation Institute
ξ Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation
ξ Samara State Aerospace University
ξ Tupolev Kazan State Technical University
ξ Swarm-bots project, EU
ξ The Swarm-Intelligent Systems (SWIS) research group , Switzerland
ξ The University of Sydney
ξ The University of Munchen, Germany
ξ The University of Berkeley
ξ The University of Florida - Micro Air Vehicles, USA
ξ The University of Michigan
ξ The University of Alberta, Canada
ξ JNF, Germany
ξ Laboratory for Industrial Robotics, Slovenia
ξ The University of Texas,Austin
ξ The University of Zurich, Switcherland
ξ The University of Philippines, Philippines
ξ The University of Rochester
ξ Center for Robotics and Embedded Systems (CRES), University of Southern California, USA
ξ The USC Autonomous Flying Vehicle Project
ξ University of Texas project
ξ The University of West of England - Intelligent Autonomous Systems Laboratory, UK
ξ The University of Vanderbilt
ξ Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium
ξ The Telecommunication Laboratory and Centre for Wireless Communications (CWC)
ξ Tampere University of Technology, Finland
ξ Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland
ξ Helsinki University of Technology, Finland
ξ Laboratory of Aeronautics
ξ Uppsala University, Sweden
ξ UAV project
ξ University of Tartu, Estonia
ξ University of Copenhagen, Denmark
ξ University of Warsaw, Poland
ξ Universitas Vilnensis, Lithuenia
ξ University of Latvia, Lithuanian
ξ Budabest University, Hungary
ξ University of London, UK
ξ University of Athens, Greece
ξ Calculation of the flow around BO105 helicopter model
ξ King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi Arabia
ξ Kuwait University, Kuwait
ξ University of Baghdad, Iraq
ξ University of United Arab Emirates, United Arab Emirates
ξ Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC)
ξ Zhejiang University, China
ξ University of Tokyo
ξ SEOUL National University, South Korea
ξ Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology, South Korea
ξ UM
ξ Autopilot

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