Network-Centric Operations at remote Theaters with rapidly deployable UAV helicopter yourDragonXi(Ξ), Base4Ξ and Sensor4Ξ

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Rapid Deployment
ξ a fighter is rapidly deployed from a carrier to a remote theater
ξ this fighter carries two Ξ helicopters, each packed inside a smart pod (Pod4Ξ)
ξ one Pod4Ξ is being dropped near target and the command and control center is being informed via network
ξ Pod4Ξ opens its shell for Ξ to hatch
ξ unmanned Ξ unfolds its blades and starts its engine
ξ autonomous Ξ starts hovering and flying at the same time establishing conectiong to the nearest available base station (Base4Ξ)
ξ smart Pod4Ξ lands with parachutes while Ξ has started its mission

After hatching
ξ after having dropped sensors around targets Ξ flies to its base station Base4Ξ or hides
ξ each Base4Ξ provides shelter, refueling and new wireless sensors (SensorΞ) to several Ξs
ξ network sends new instructions, software and maps to Base4Ξs at the theater
ξ each Base4Ξ updates its Ξs and sends them to collect new sensor data from dropped SensorΞs
ξ a wireless SensorΞ uploads data to the Ξ, which has dropped it, and may receive new instructions and data for sensoring from Ξ
ξ agile and aggressively manoeuvring Ξ downloads sensor data uploaded from SensorΞs as well the data sensored by itself, to Base4Ξ
ξ Base4Ξ analyzes sensor data downloaded from Ξs and that collected from sensors around and embedded inside Base4Ξ
ξ filtered and processed sensor information and knowledge base gets uploaded via network to command and control center
ξ special operation and mobile forces communicate with Base4Ξs using Alpha, Beta, Lambda & Delta series mobile devices
ξ after refueling and updating Ξs with the latest digital maps and mission data an autonomous base station Base4Ξ sends Ξs to new missions

Further Deployments
ξ the fighter, which deployed the first Ξ helicopter, may drop the second Pod4Ξ, if necessary, and news fighters can be sent to the theater
ξ a manned helicopter may deploy more BaseΞs to the target theater together with manned forces
ξ new SensorΞs can be deployed to each BaseΞ to build more wireless sensor networks