Zeta Series yourDragonXi - Unmanned Helicopter for Patrol

Δ Detecting hazardous chemicals and alarming about radioactivity
Δ Designed to be a rapidly deployable UAV helicopter for network-centric operations at remote & demanding theaters
Δ Real-time video recording and still photo shooting
Δ Acting as your guard, protector and carnal force
Δ Having a generous taxonomy and a strong & extremely light body packed full of intelligence
Δ Hunting, biting down with immense force and using hides to autonomously refuel & shelter
Δ Acting as your protector with extremely acute senses and video & still cameras
Δ Listening to the network and base stations while receiving data from both from its embedded and dropped sensors while flying
Δ Patrolling as your agile UAV helicopter and manoeuvring aggressively - and at low altitudes
Δ With acute senses as well as excellent sight and hearing yourDragonXi completes your senses