SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)
~ SVG can be scaled, and is also particularly suitable for printing
~ Note the anti-aliasing that can be applied to the vectors
~ As with GIF images, SVG files can be displayed progressively, ie you do not have to wait for all the file to be downloaded to view the first components
~ SVG files can be held as text (hence suitable for editing) or in compressed form (reducing download times)
~ Because SVG is expressed as XML, it can also be searched
~ For example, using the plugin window below, press your control key and from the menu that appears, invoke "find" and find the string "Easter"
~ By implication, SVG files can be indexed
~ Being XML, stylesheets can be applied to SVG files Such stylesheets can achieve impressive transformations
~ The reverse is also true, i.e. SVG can be produced by stylesheet transforms from other XML documents
~ Being XML, SVG files are modular, and hence can be part of a larger XML document
~ Amaya is particular good at illustrating how eg SVG, MathML, XHTML etc can be combined into a single document using namespaces
~ SVG is NOT a 3D format, and so is NOT equivalent to e.g. VRML
Cannes 3G conference in 2005:
~ SVG Basic and SVG Tiny are targetted to resource-limited devices and are part of the 3GPP
~ Opera is integrating the Ikivo SVG Player into their mobile browser solution
~ 2005-02-15: After announcing that SVG Tiny will be supported in Series 60 v2 Feature Pack 3, Nokia confirmed their backing of SVG technology
~ 2005-02-14: 3GSM: Sony Ericsson Announced Two New SVG Phones
~ The Inkscape community today announced the release of Inkscape 0.41, a Cross-platform Open Source Vector Graphics (SVG) Drawing Tool
~ conversion of color and grayscale images into vector graphics
~ Inkscape can convert photos, scanned artwork, and other drawn images into editable illustrations in the SVG format
~ Sharp further commits to the SVG Tiny standard by announcing its fifth SVG-enabled model shipping later this month in Japan through Vodafone, the V603SH