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Delta series Business Resource Device RD4B Money:

If RD device is being sold together with unmanned freedom devices, then it's price is related to the price of Xi , Base4Xi and Sensor4Xi.

RD can be embedded inside other hydrogen device, such as forecourt payment terminal, pump , service station system, POS device, credit card reader.
Embedded device's price depends on it's value to business being typically much more than just price of hardaware and software.
RD suits to H2 projects such as California hydrogen highway where it could be used at H2 service stations:
~ On July 21, 2005, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed Senate Bill 76 (SB 76)
~ that provided the necessary funding and legislative guidelines to implement recommendations of the CA H2 Net Blueprint Plan.
~ SB 76 is a budget trailer bill that provides $6.5 million in funding for state-sponsored hydrogen demonstration projects until January 1, 2007.
~ The funds may be used for co-funding the establishment of up to three hydrogen fueling station. demonstration projects

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