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U.S war in Iraq & Afganistan against terrorism
~ In June,2005 the House debated a bill that would provide an additional $45 billion for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan
~ Since Sept. 11, 2001, Congress has given President Bush $350 billion
~ for combat and reconstruction in Iraq and Afghanistan and fighting terrorism worldwide.
~ $82 billion was approved in May,2005 of which the most for Iraq
~ An estimation of cost to USA in June 2005: 1,700 deaths, over 12,000 wounded and $200 billion spent

Military investments and budgets
~ FY2006 Department of Defense Budget - .3 billion, increase from 2005: 5 percen
~ In 2003, military spending rose 6% worldwide - double the growth rate seen in 2002
~ with the Pentagon accounting for three quarters of the rise,
~ according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (Sipri).
~ In 2004, the growth rate remained strong at 6%,
~ with global military expenditure rising to more than $1 trillion,
~ a level not seen since the Cold War.
~ The US, with its "war on terror" in Afghanistan and Iraq, accounts for almost half the total
~ The Pentagon expects to invest $10 billion minimum in UAVs through 2010.

Revenues from the base station Base4Xi compared to those of Xi helicopter
~ Base4Xi is the one generating profit: see Xi4M helicopter price and compare it to Base4Xi4M base price
~ See Sales and Revenue Forecast for the first year and Profit and Loss Forecast 12 first years
~ Although Freedom Sensors are cheap devices compared to Base4Xis and Xis the processing of sensor data is expected to be profitable.
~ Example: Afghan Ops Bolster UAV Market:
~ The unmanned air vehicle (UAV) market, with production over the next ten years expected to be worth $7.5 billion,
~ More than half of this market's total value, about $4.5 billion, will be generated by procurement of payloads and ground control stations

~ The public's gloomy mood about the Iraq war is forcing President Bush to take a more assertive and
~ public role to reassure nervous Americans and Republican lawmakers about the White House plan for victory.
~ Bush aides have concluded that recent events in Iraq have contributed to an erosion in support for the president
~ As part of the new focus, Bush will meet with Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim Jafari
~ at the White House for the first and dedicate several speeches to the war,
~ including a major address on the first anniversary of Iraq's sovereignty this month.
~ Bush is to defend his economic record and war policies in the face of growing uneasiness
~ among the public and Republicans in Congress.
~ His poll numbers on his handling of Iraq have dropped to all-time lows, as numerous lawmakers,
~ including some Republicans, have accused him of not offering honest assessments about
~ the strength of the insurgency and the slow pace of training battle-ready Iraqi forces.
~ The public's sour mood is said to infect some GOP senators, especially those facing reelection in 18 months.
~ Nearly six in 10 Americans in a Gallup poll released said they support withdrawing some or all U.S. troops from Iraq
~ Some military leaders in Iraq have commented that the United States is at least two years away
~ from training an Iraqi army that can stand on its own. Some military experts say it will take even longer.

Bases4Xi with Xi helicopters and sensors (Sensor4Xi) could be used as a part of the strategy for Iraq.

Nuclear Power
~ The U.S. Senate is considering an energy bill that includes financial incentives for construction of nuclear plants.
~ Nearly three decades after a partial meltdown of a nuclear reactor core at Three Mile Island, nuclear energy is regaining support.
~ Sen. Pete Domenici a New Mexico Republican is the chief architect of the bill being debated.
~ President Bush will repeat his call for boosting nuclear power when he visits the Calvert Cliffs plant in Lusby, Md.
~ Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid of Nevada has given nuclear power a second look.
~ Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz. plans nuclear power incentives to reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
~ The Senate is considering legislation that would provide incentives to restart the nation’s nuclear power industry.
~ There are more than 100 reactors in 31 states, providing 20% of the nation’s electric supply
~ No nuclear power plant has been licensed in the USA since 1978, the year before the Three Mile Island accident in Pennsylvania.
~ But interest is growing due to the following reasons:

  • rising prices for oil and natural gas
  • concerns that fossil fuel emissions are harming the climate
  • an increasing desire to make the nation less dependent on energy supplies from the Middle East.

    ~ There are 103 nuclear plants operating in 31 states, which generate 20% of the nation's electricity.
    ~ Now, three companies have told the Energy Department that they plan to file for nuclear power plant licenses.
    ~ The Senate energy bill and a version passed by the House contain incentives to encourage investment in nuclear power.
    ~ Both bills renew federally backed insurance for the nuclear industry, which Bush also supports.
    ~ Under the Senate bill, new nuclear plants could qualify for federally backed loan guarantees for "innovative technologies."
    ~ The Senate energy bill provides tax credits for companies that develop new nuclear reactors.
    ~ There will be 52,000 metric tons of spent nuclear fuel in U.S. storage by the end 2005, according to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
    ~ Safety and security are key issues, especially amid concerns of possible terrorism.

    Bases4Xi with Xi helicopters and Sensors4Xi can be used to protect nuclear power stations.

    Military business programs and activities in Europe
    ~ The British Army’s Future Integrated Soldier Technology (FIST) programme
    ~ The Future Rapid Effect System (FRES) chassis Technical Demonstrator Programme (TDP)
    ~ The Integrated Marines Communications and Information System (NIMCIS) in UK
    ~ The UK MoD Light Gun Capability Enhancement Programme (CEP)
    ~ Helicopter mission displays from Skyquest Aviation, a UK designer and manufacturer of specialist airborne equipment
    ~ are intended to complement the new-technology stabilised cameras entering the surveillance market,
    ~ Skyquest’s video distribution system is claimed to be unique in taking inputs from airborne camera systems in its highest resolution
    ~ including digital video and high-definition video if available from the sensors

    Military business activities in the Middle East
    ~ The Australian-designed Seeker aerial surveillance platform is to begin series production next year
    ~ when a manufacturing facility opens at Queen Alia Airport, Amman, Jordan.
    ~ This follows the sale of a significant portion of the equity held by the King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB)
    ~ to the Dabin Group of Erbil, Iraq.

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